One Day In Europe
Kate (Megan Gay)
Andrej (Andrej Sokolov)
Rokko (Florian Lukas) Gabor (Peter Scherer) Rachida (Rachida Brakni)
Claude (Boris Arquier)

Hannes Stöhr (Scriptwriter, Director)

Hannes Stöhr was born in Stuttgart in 1970 and raised in Hechingen. He studied European law at the University of Passau from 1992 to 1995, then won an Erasmus Scholarship for a stay in Santiago de Compostela. From 1995 to 2000 he studied scriptwriting and directing at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB). He directed his first short films during his student years, including Biete Agentinnen, suche Europa (1995), Maultaschen (1996), Berlin Is In Germany (1999, Best Short Film – FilmFest Potsdam) and the documentary Gosh – Ein Zirkusporträt (1998). Stöhr's first feature was Berlin Is In Germany (2001), which won the Panorama Audience Award at the International Berlin Film Festival in 2001, the German Critics Association's Film Award, the Studio Hamburg's Newcomer Prize, the New Faces Award 2002, the Premio Luna de Plata of the Valencia Film Festival and the prize of the German Film Critics (Best Lead Actor: Jörg Schüttauf).

Florian Hoffmeister (Cinematographer)

Hoffmeister was born in Brunswick in 1970 and, after working as film electrician, loader and camera assistant, he studied cinematography and directing at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB) from 1994 to 2000. Among the films he has photographed are Hendrik Handloegten's Paul Is Dead (2000, awarded the prize of the Minister President of the Saarland, the Max Ophüls Prize and the Grimme Award) and Liegen Lernen (2003, International Film Festival, Brooklyn: Best Cameraman); Berlin Is In Germany (2000, director: Hannes Stöhr), Kismet (2002, director: Lars Kraume), 3 x Schwarzer Kater (2003, director: Buddy Giovinazzo) and Hamburg Cell (2004, director: Antonia Bird). Florian Hoffmeister's short film Stimmen der Welt was nominated for the German Short Film Prize in 1998. He is presently working on the completion of his feature film 3° Kälter.

Megan Gay (Kate)

Megan Gay was born in Napier, New Zealand, in 1967. She studied German and English language and literature in Auckland from 1986 to 1988, and acting at the City Literary Institute in London from 1989 to 1993; she moved to Berlin in the late 1990s. She has worked frequently for the stage (including Friends of the Italian Opera, Theater am Halleschen Ufer, Schaubühne Berlin) and film, where she has starred in films by Alex Ross (Move On Up, 1998), Mike Newell (Dance With A Stranger, 2000), Karl Kases (Der Duft des Geldes, 2002), Sebastian Winkels (Falling Grace, 2004), Athanasios Karanikolas (Lake, 2003) and Kevin Spacey (Beyond the Sea, 2003).

Luidmila Tsvetkova (Elena)

Luidmila Tsvetkova, who learned her craft at the College of Theater Arts (GITIS), has appeared in more than 35 feature films to date. She also performs at the teatr kinoaktera and, as producer and director, is responsible for documentary films such as Echte Gabe (1999), which has won prizes at festivals in France, Mexico, Moscow and New York. Luidmila Tsvetkova is presently working on a documentary about contemporary Russian artists and is preparing for her role in Eldar Rjazanov's feature film Andersen.

Florian Lukas (Rokko)

Florian Lukas, born in 1973, snagged his first feature-film role in Mark Schlichter's award-winning feature Ex. He has since worked with Lars Kraume (Dunckel, 1997), Hans-Christoph Blumenberg (Planet der Kannibalen, 2001; Der Aufstand, 2002; Die letzte Schlacht, 2004), Til Schweiger (Der Eisbär, 1998), Sönke Wortmann (St. Pauli Nacht, 1998), Dennis Gansel (Mädchen Mädchen, 2001) and Hendrik Handloegten (Liegen Lernen, 2003). For his role in Sebastian Schipper's Absolute Giganten (2000) he won the Bavarian Film Prize and the New Faces Award, and for Good Bye, Lenin! (Wolfgang Becker, 2003), the Deutscher Filmpreis.

Erdal Yildiz (Celal)

Born in 1966, Yildiz studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York from 1991 to 1993, and later appeared in a number of short films and stage plays. Yildiz has starred in features by Yüksel Yavuz (Aprilkinder, 1998), Kutlu Atamann (Lola und Bilidikid, 1998), Martin Eigler (Freunde, 1999), Gregor Schnitzler and Eleni Ampelakiotou (Finlandia, 1999) and Til Schweiger (Barfuss, 2004). Following Odins Rache (2003), One Day in Europe is his second project with Hannes Stöhr.

Miguel de Lira (Sargento Barreira)

Miguel de Lira, born in the Galician town of Lira in 1964, studied acting, drama and voice with Martin Adejemian, Jesús Aladrén, Begoña Valle, Xan Cejudo, Fernando Balboa and others. He co-founded the Galician theater group Chévere, and has been active there as actor, director and producer since 1986. From 1998 to 2001 de Lira starred in the popular TV series Mareas Vivas. Among his other film and television roles are El regalo de Silvia (2003, director: Dionisio Pérez), Entre Bateas (2002, director: Jorge Coira), La rose d'Alexandrie (2004, director: Rafael Moleón) and El lapiz del carpintero (2003, director: Antón Reixa).

Péter Scherer (Gabor)

Born in Hungary in 1961, Scherer joined the ensemble of the Szkéné Theater, Bárka Theater and Krétakör Theater after his acting studies. In 1995 he was awarded the Theater Critics' Prize and the Budapest Prize as best actor. Among his film roles are Gangster Film (1997, director: György Szomjas – Acting Award, 1998), Miklós Jancsó's The Lord's Lantern in Budapest (1998), Shit! It's Mosquitoes (1999) and The Last Supper at the Arabic Horse (2000) as well as in Shortcut (2000, director: Juli Sára) and Rinaldo (2002, director: Tamás Tóth).

Boris Arquier (Claude)

He was born and raised in Marseille. From 1991 to 1995 he was a member of the Archaos circus in Marseille, and from 1995 to 2000 an ensemble member of the German-French Circus Gosh. He took part in many programs and international tours as a clown, variety artist, comedian, musician and DJ (including DJ Acts at the Documenta in Kassel). One Day in Europe is Boris Arquier's first lead role in a feature film.

Rachida Brakni (Rachida)

Born in Paris in 1977, she studied at the Conservatoire Supérieur National d'Art Dramatique in Paris from 1999 to 2001, and has been a member of the Comédie Française since 2001. In addition to her extensive stage work, she has starred in the feature films Loin (2001, director: André Techiné), Chaos (2001, director: Coline Serreau), Comme un avion (2002, director: Marie-France Pisier), L'Outremangeur (2003, director: Yasmine Kassari). She was awarded the César and the Lumière Award 2002 as best up-and-coming talent for her role in Chaos.

About Filmanova (Coproducers)

Filmanova was founded in Santiago de Compostela. Among the films produced or coproduced by Filmanova are Lena (2001, director: Gonzalo Tapia), Canícula (2002, director: Alvaro García-Capela), El lapiz del carpintero (2003, director: Antón Reixa) and Descongélate (2003, director: Félix Sabroso and Dunia Ayaso). Filmanova also took part in the production of La mala educación (director: Pedro Almodóvar) and Mar Adentro (director: Alejandro Amenábar).

About moneypenny filmproduktion (Producers)

moneypenny filmproduktion was founded by Anne Leppin and Sigrid Hoerner in Berlin in 1998. Among the films it has since produced are Fremde Freundin (1999, director: Anne Høegh-Krohn), Freunde (2000, director: Martin Eigler, awarded the Bavarian Film Prize for Benno Fürmann as best lead actor), Pigs Will Fly (2002, director: Eoin Moore, produced by workshop leppin moore hoerner, awarded three nominations for the German Film Prize and the Prize of the German Film Critics, 2003), September (coproduction with zero film 2003, director: Max Färberböck) and Folge der Feder! (2004, director: Nuray Sarin, Audience Award of the International Film Festival in Mannheim-Heidelberg). moneypenny filmproduktion won the Producer's Award of the Cologne Conference in 2001.

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