One Day In Europe
Elena (Luidmila Tsvetkova),
Kate (Megan Gay),
Policeman (Oleg Assadulin)
Rokko (Florian Lukas) Gabor (Péter Scherer)
Sargento Barreira (Miguel de Lira)
Claude (Boris Arquier),
Rachida (Rachida Brakni)

4 cities, 8 languages and a wave of robberies on the day of soccer’s Champion’s League final. Welcome to Europe!

Four colorful and light-hearted stories about quirky characters and the amusing misunderstandings that cross-cultural communication often provides. All take place on one single day in different cities, and in each case those language barriers are compounded by a chaos of another sort: on this particular day, the whole of Europe is in high fever over soccer’s Champion’s League final between Galatasaray Istanbul and Deportivo La Coruña which is taking place in Moscow…

In his second feature film, director Hannes Stöhr takes a warmhearted, intrigued and wonderfully light look at people in Europe, people who meet and misunderstand one another, who travel, arrive and depart – and who sometimes become close. The entire ensemble exudes an infectious, positive spirit, with Megan Gay and Luidmila Tsvetkova (Moscow), Florian Lukas and Erdal Yildiz (Istanbul), Péter Scherer and Miguel de Lira (Santiago de Compostela), and Rachida Brakni and Boris Arquier (Berlin) in the lead roles.

Just like the stories related in the film, the film itself has a truly pan-European origin that, surprisingly, seems perfectly natural. The core of the film team, centered around Hannes Stöhr, producers Sigrid Hoerner and Anne Leppin, Forian Hoffmeister (art director), Frank Kruse (sound), Daniela Selig (costumes), Andreas Olshausen (set designer) and Simone Arndt (production manager), is completed by four teams from Moscow, Istanbul, Galicia and Berlin. One Day in Europe was produced by Berlin's moneypenny filmproduktion in coproduction with workshop, Spain's Filmanova, ZDF – Das kleine Fernsehsepiel, and in collaboration with ARTE and Televisión de Galicia.

One Day in Europa

Megan Gay, Luidmila Tsvetkova, Florian Lukas, Erdal Yildiz, Peter Scherer, Miguel de Lira, Rachida Brakni,Boris Aquier
Written and Directed by: Hannes Stoehr, Director of Photography: Florian Hoffmeister,Editor: Anne Fabini, Music: Florian Appl, Set Design: Andreas Olshausen, Costumes: Daniela Selig, Make-up: Claudia Schaaf, Emine Tuerk, Fanny Bell, Lighting: Gilmar Steinig, Sound Design: Frank Kruse, SoundMix: Robby Jaeger, Production Managers: Maren Woelk and Simone Arndt, Director’s Assistant: PeterWedel, Casting: Karen Wendland, Editorial Department: Lucas Schmidt, Andreas Schreitmueller, Co-producers: Antón Reixa, Eoin Moore, Producers: Sigrid Hoerner, Anne Leppin Produced by moneypennyfilmproduktion in coproduction with Filmanova, workshop, ZDF – Das kleine Fernsehspiel in collaborationwith ARTE, Televisión de Galicia S.A in cooperation with CinePostproduction Geyer Köln & Geyer Berlin
International distribution: Beta Cinema

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